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Four equally critical areas of a successful synthetic turf project and the cost of that project are Synthetic Turf selection, Site Preparation, Installation and Maintenance. Basic information for each is below but unlimited discussion about each continues within the industry. 
Synthetic Turf
- There are many different types of turf for each type of installation. Yarn construction, the type of backing, the type of coating and consistency are critical for each and every roll of material so getting your synthetic turf from a quality manufacturer is an absolute must. The TurfMall can supply you with a quality product and make sure that you understand why that product was selected for your particular project. 
Site Preparation - Many mistakes are made in the area of site preparation.  Site selection is the beginning point. Make sure that the site that you select is approved by your local governing guidelines.  Always verify buried cables and water lines.  Be certain to allow for proper drainage.  Select the proper base material for your project, either natural or man made.  How accessible is your location to the proper equipment?  In most cases a site visit by a professional is recommended. Be prepared for surprises and hope there are not any.
Installation - There is no certified guidelines that apply for every installation.  Techniques vary from company to company but they should all include receiving and handling material properly, using the correct infill where required, eliminating waste as much as possible, creating a safe working environment for employees as well as customers, being neat and organized on site, using time efficiently and finally, having a finished product that appears to be natural.  The main area of installation discussion revolves around seams.  Seams that are visible or fail can simply destroy an otherwise excellent project. Seam problems are what led us to develop our own methods and products resulting in SynLok Adhesives.
Maintenance - Synthetic turf is not maintenance free no matter what you hear.  Debris needs to be periodically removed (quite often in a sportsfield application), brushing or grooming is required for heavy traffic lawns on occasion, pest control (ants and moles can create problems if not controlled), weeds can invade synthetic turf but are easily eliminated with a weed control spray that will not harm the synthetic turf and pet lawns require the typical care but your turf will not die or be stained from pet usage.  Rain events provide an excellent cleaning.
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