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There are so many factors involved in making the decision to have synthetic turf at your home or place of business.  Water conservation, cost of lawn maintenance, seed and fertilizer and the constant neat appearance.  Young people that do not have the time and older people that do not have the capability both can see the advantages.  All of the above lead many to investigate synthetic turf.  We will be the first to tell you that synthetic turf is not for every project.  An extremely large lawn with no traffic can be beautiful in natural turf.  However, a lawn poorly maintained becomes an eyesore and reflects on you and your business.  Designing a synthetic turf lawn that highlights your landscape can easily be justified over time.  The initial cost can be reduced in many ways if the customer can do a small portion or all of the site preperation.  New construction is obviously the ideal situation.  Smart landscaped residential areas, commercial applications for strip malls and business entrance ways are ideal projects.   

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