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Pricing and Estimates

The first conversation about synthetic turf is always about how much does it cost a square foot if you are talking about a front lawn or a football stadium? The answer can vary so much that any direct answer without first determining the type and scale of the project is most assuredly wrong.
There are three major areas of cost to consider: 1) Synthetic Turf, 2) Site Preparation and 3) Installation

The TurfMall can provide over 200 different types of Synthetic Turf ranging in cost from $1.20 to $4.80 per sq/ft. for the turf alone. Site Preparation always has unique qualities related to location, accessibility and base construction that effect the cost.  Installation methods vary for each type of installation but quality work and products are essential.  

There are many ways to reduce cost on any project and you should be willing to have an in-depth conversation and site visits with your synthetic turf professional to determine what is right for your project.  Please consider that a site visit has associated cost and a nominal fee for that visit can be reimbursed when an order is placed.  As a customer, your first goal is to determine your budget and work with your synthetic turf provider to meet your goals. 
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