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Playgrounds might possibly be the most perfect application for synthetic turf.  The clean natural appearance, the low maintenance and the safety are all issues that can not be addressed by any other surface. 
Consider the alternatives: Mulch - needs regular replacement, holds moisture, attracts insects, gets in childrens clothing and supplies splinters.  Natural Grass - needs regular mowing and trimming that is costly as well as loud and disruptive, holds moisture creating mud, attracts insects, dies and needs replacement.  Sand and gravel - gets in childrens clothing and comes back in to the building where it acts as sandpaper to the floors, compacts to a hard surface and is a throw item for the children.  All of the above allow for childrens clothing to be ruined.

Synthetic turf is infilled with rubber to provide shock absorption in general.  Around playgound equipment, shock absorbing pads or rubber is actually placed under the synthetic turf in an area determined by height of the equipment to provide safety "fall zones".  Pest control is applied and watered in while the playground is not in use so the children are not exposed.  Grass and mud stains become a thing of the past.  The area drains quickly allowing for more time outside that is not disrupted by weather.

The TurfMall can help you get a quality installation or provide product and instructions to complete an installation no matter where you are located.   

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