The TurfMall

Logos And Fund Raising

Logos are for more than just the middle of a football field and end zones.  The TurfMall can help you develop a logo advertising program that can finance your synthetic turf field projects.  Sideline advertising reaches a targeted audience that a highway billboard sign can not zero in on.  Many companies would rather spend their money on advertising that benefits their local schools or charities than give it to an advertising company.  It is an advantage for your project that needs to be explored.  The success is well documented.

Private property areas with visual exposure are all targets for custom logos.  Does it make sense for a school,church or business to spend money and risk injury to mow a steep bank that could send a message? 
GoogleEarth is also an amazing modern tool that many people use to locate particular places.  GoogleEarth Advertising when locating any organization is going to be $$  well spent in the future.  Rooftop applications are ideal, as shown in the proposal at the bottom right of this page.  Money "is" being spent on this type of advertising right now.

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