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Business Opportunities

One thing is for certain.  The Synthetic Turf Industry is booming in this economy.

Many factors are involved in this boom including saving water,eliminating costly seed and fertilizers, reduced maintenance as well as creating a place and time where someone can relax and play instead of work and stress.

When all things are considered this is an easier sale and a wiser choice than you might first think.  We can help you start your own business or add to your current business with just some emails and phone conversation.

A background in landscaping or carpet installation is a great head start but if you are willing to work, be patient and do the proper planning, synthetic turf is something you can do to create additional income. 
There is not a tremendous amount of equipment required that you can not rent so getting started does not require a big financial risk.  If you are already in the landscape business you will already have virtually every tool needed.

The TurfMall is located in North Carolina and most of our projects are here but we have created a network that has allowed us to expand anywhere.  We have been involved in projects all over the country and internationally as well.  Our network includes installations for the NFL, MLB, NCAA, FIFA, US Military, Public and Private High Schools, Little Leagues etc.  We hate to use a cliche but no project is too big or too small that we can not bring a positive contribution to the table.

We will educate you on types of synthetic turf to purchase and what to look out for.  We will provide installation guidelines and put you in contact with professionals that can offer advice in situations that we can not.  We will ask that you purchase synthetic turf from us as well as materials to insure a proper seam and a proper installation.  No contract, no high pressure, just the comittment to do projects correctly.

The TurfMall offers personal training here in North Carolina or we will visit your location if online instruction does not satisfy your needs.  Cost for this service will vary so contact us to discuss arrangements and cost.  

Contact us @ 1.888.796.5655 or email and get started today.
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